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Blog street art mosaïque | Portrait d'artistes, actualités et nouveautés !

Des dimanches gourmands et créatifs : Brunchs Mosaik au Café Beaubourg ! 🥐

Apr 12, 2024

Gourmet and creative Sundays: Mosaik Brunches at Café Beaubourg!

Experience moments of conviviality and creativity during Mosaik brunches at Café Beaubourg. Discover how transforms Sundays into artistic masterpieces!
Portrait #6 _steifff : pixel odyssey, inside _Steifff's Artistic World ⚽ -

Apr 8, 2024

Portrait #6 _steifff : pixel odyssey, inside _Steifff's Artistic World ⚽

From Aachen in Germany, discover his journey from graffiti to pixel art, influenced by Invader, the French urban culture and his football team. His pseudonym, meaning "stiff", reflects his unique style. Despite time constraints, he continues to create, aiming to inspire others with his pixelated, retro, and authentic style.
Portrait #5 Infinipi : quand la Rue Rencontre les Mathématiques 🧮 -

Apr 2, 2024

Portrait #5 Infinipi: when the Street Meets Mathematics 🧮

Infinipi, artist from Miami, reveals his unusual marriage between mathematics and street art. Through his mosaics, he explores the infinity of Pi. His art, born from a mixture of pain, melancholy and reflections, defies norms to seek to trigger an emotion via this connection with the viewer.
Portrait #4 Waldo : le Maestro des oiseaux et autres créatures colorées 🐦 -

Mar 25, 2024

Portrait #4 Waldo: the Maestro of birds and other colorful creatures 🐦

Meet Waldo, this artist who reinvents our historic streets into a symphony of colorful mosaics. Originally from rainy Normandy and today based in Angers, he opens the doors to his world where 2D rubs shoulders with the tangible and everyday life turns into a work of art.
Portrait #3 Tag__lady : POP culture, Comics, Disney et sa touche féminine ! 🌈 -

Mar 17, 2024

Portrait #3 Tag__lady: POP culture, Comics, Disney and its feminine touch!

Explore the invigorating world of this Breton/Corsican woman now living in the Loiret through this dynamic interview. A captivating artistic immersion, rich in colors and amusing anecdotes.
Portrait #2 IN THE WOUP : Mario et ses centaines de

Mar 11, 2024

Portrait #2 IN THE WOUP: Mario and his hundreds of “costumes”

Passionate about retro video games, his flagship project, MARIO WORLDZ PROJECT, merges the universe of Mario Bros with other franchises. With nearly 200 works in 12 countries, his minimalist and nostalgic style evokes childhood and arouses positive emotions.
Nouvelle collection

Mar 8, 2024

New “ARCADE” collection 🕹️

Immerse yourself in retro video game nostalgia with the new “ARCADE” collection of DIY kits. Inspired by iconic characters and symbols of the 80s and 90s, these 11 models promise an unforgettable creative experience for video game enthusiasts.
Portrait #1 : les champignons Lyonnais mais pas que ! 🍄 -

Mar 5, 2024

Portrait #1 Lyonnais mushrooms but not only! 🍄

Discover this first interview with this Lyonnais artist always in search of his style: heads of Toad or even Doraemon to perhaps converge towards models linked to football or even landscapes with bees...
Produits à la carte : construisez votre mosaïque street art personnalisée 🧑🏼‍🎨 -

Feb 28, 2024

A la carte products: build your personalized street art mosaic 🧑🏼‍🎨

Discover our new range of “Custom-made” products offering everything you need to create personalized street art mosaics according to your artistic desires.
Nouvelle collection

Feb 9, 2024

New “Marseille baby” collection 🌅

Discover exclusively the brand new “ Marseille baby ” collection of DIY street art kits, an ode to the Marseille city and its unapologetic clichés! This original series of 13 models highlights the emblematic symbols of Marseille, with a touch of humor and tenderness.
Collection CLASSIC disponible désormais en 7 couleurs 🌈 -

Feb 8, 2024

CLASSIC collection now available in 7 colors 🌈

The models from the BASIC collection are now available in an expanded range of 7 bright and dynamic colors, something to please YOU ALL!
Pack de 4 étiquettes adhésives 👍 -

Feb 7, 2024

Pack of 4 adhesive labels 👍

With this pack of 4 adhesive tabs, fixing your mosaic becomes child's play! In just a few seconds, without a nail or hammer, you're done!
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