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Collation geek et savoureuse : Les bonbons Space Invaders™ sont arrivés ! 👾 -

Geek and tasty snack: Space Invaders™ candy has arrived! 👾

Innovative and delicious, discover our brand new product: the Space Invaders™ candy bag - 20g .

These gummies in the shape of the iconic Space Invaders will take you on a journey into the world of video games while enjoying yourself. Perfect for sweet lovers and fans of the game, these candies are a real invitation to adventure and indulgence.

Space Invaders™ candies offer a unique experience by combining the pleasure of video gaming with that of tasting. Their iconic shape is reminiscent of the game's famous aliens, making them appealing to Space Invaders fans young and old. Build your street art mosaics while enjoying them or complete your DIY gift kit with them.

Made by Powerbeärs, a renowned German brand, they are free of preservatives, GMOs, gluten and lactose. Their fruit juice and vitamin C and E content also makes them a healthy and nutritious snack, ideal for a guilt-free gourmet break.

Don't wait any longer to discover these delicious Space Invaders candies and immerse yourself in an experience that is both fun and tasty.
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