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Comment choisir l'emplacement parfait pour sa mosaïque street art ? (GUIDE 5/6) 🏠 -

How to choose the perfect location for your street art mosaic? (GUIDE 5/6) 🏠

In the vibrant world of street art mosaics, choosing the ideal location for your work is of paramount importance. It's a decision that will influence not only the overall aesthetic, but also the interaction with the world and people around it.

Before we go any further, let's take a look at the essential aspects that will help us decide whether to install our creation indoors or outdoors .

Choice between interior and exterior

When it comes to choosing where to place your mosaic, the first decision to make is whether it will grace the interior of your personal space or be exposed to the great outdoors . This decision is not simply aesthetic , it influences the durability of the materials chosen and the way in which your creation will integrate into its environment . We will help you guide your choice between inner intimacy and the outer expression of your art.


Installing your mosaic indoors is the most common use and the most accessible to everyone . Choosing an indoor location offers a diverse palette to express your creativity.

In the living room , create a captivating centerpiece that becomes the focal point of the room, elevating the overall aesthetic.

The hallway , often underestimated, can become a personal gallery, guiding curious eyes through a mosaic of artistic emotions.

The bedroom , an intimate space par excellence, allows for creation that transcends simple walls, imbuing the atmosphere with your unique expression but it will be less visible to your guests.

The children's bedroom is also the ideal place to display a mosaic (and yes, there is no minimum age to love street art). Choose models with mini checks which will add a more playful and adorable touch. These designs will capture the imagination of young people, creating a joyful and visually stimulating environment.

Toilets , often neglected, become unique artistic canvases, transforming a functional space into a surprising experience.

Of course, you can also install it in any room in your house (even in your cellar, but hey...).

You can also install your mosaic in your professional place , whether it is an office , a restaurant or a shop , the mosaic will bring artistic originality, stimulating creativity and capturing the attention of visitors and clients .


Installing your mosaic outside broadens the range of possibilities .

On the terrace , create an artistic extension of your outdoor living space. Imagine evenings illuminated by your work, merging art and conviviality.

On the front of your house or on any wall, transform your property into an open-air gallery, inviting the world to discover your artistic expression right from the doorstep.

Choosing the ideal location is about more than just aesthetics, but encompasses the dynamic interaction between the work and its surroundings, creating a complete artistic experience.

The art of installation

Installing a street art mosaic lies in the delicacy of choosing subtly hidden corners . This approach draws inspiration from the aesthetic of Invader, where discovery becomes an integral part of the artistic experience. Placing the mosaic in unexpected places intensifies the impact, prompting passersby to be enchanted by the artistic surprise. It is in this balance between discretion and revelation that installation art takes on its full meaning, creating a unique interaction between the work and its audience.

Types of fastening

The ideal location requires suitable fixing. Head to our online guide “ How to properly fix your street art mosaic ” to explore the different fixing methods depending on the chosen environment. Whether you opt for interior or exterior, the right fixing guarantees the durability of your mosaic . From adhesive sticker labels to mortar glue, choose wisely to ensure a solid installation while taking into account reversibility, especially if you are a tenant. Navigate our guide for a flawless installation.


  • Irreversibility of installation: before fixing your mosaic, understand the irreversible implications of certain glues, in particular glue without nails or screws (although removable with a little tenacity) or adhesive mortar. Tenants should be aware that removal may result in permanent damage to surfaces. Choose the glue based on the desired reversibility to avoid future complications.
  • Condominium legislation: outdoors, especially in condominiums, respect the strict legislation concerning fixings on terrace walls imposed by your property manager. Most condominiums prohibit this to preserve the uniform appearance of the building. Review the rules and obtain the necessary permissions before installing your mosaic.
  • Legal aspect in public spaces: Although tolerated in many places, the installation of mosaics in the street is theoretically prohibited. Although most public authorities turn a blind eye to this form of artistic expression, be aware of the official rules and the possibility of sanctions.


In conclusion, choosing the location of your street art mosaic is a crucial decision that influences the artistic impact, durability and legality of your work. Carefully weigh aesthetic and practical considerations while respecting legal rules, especially in co-ownership. Creativity and caution are the keys to success in street art mosaic art .

You probably now have a clear idea of ​​the ideal location for your mosaic. Visit our Guide 6: “Fixing your mosaic” now for advice on fixing options suitable for your location.

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