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Portrait #11 : Hanimalé Moz et ses monstres colorés qui envahissent les murs 🦖 -

Portrait #11: Hanimalé Moz and his colorful monsters that invade the walls 🦖

Hello Hanimalé Moz, can you tell us more about the person behind this pseudonym? As well as on the choice of the latter?

My name Hanimalé comes from the two first names of my children, it's up to you to put the letters in order.

Moz is for mosaic and it's the name of the species of my monsters.

What was your first contact with urban art? What made you want to get into this?

Basically I wanted to be a re-activator for the famous Invader, I placed small Invaders on Issoire in the hope of being able to be in contact with the artist...

I quickly spiraled into my monster delirium when I saw that it was impossible to get in touch with Invader.

I come from Paris so, artists like André Saraiva, Jérôme Mesnager, Miss Tic or even Mr Chat (who is very cool) were my first approach, let's say visual.

For my first direct contact it was with LineStreet who encouraged me and pushed me in my delirium.

If you had to define your style in 3 words, what would they be?

I have no style.

Yet not hostile.

Christophe comes out of this interview!!!

I think I have a very simplistic style, I don't push too much into details, 80% of my creations are raw without outline.


Basic (detailed)

Can you tell us more about your creative process?

I don't really have a process, I go by feeling. Many of my creations don't end up on a wall. I settle down with some music and I start improv.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

Animals, colors, a little variety too (Manga, films, video games, etc.).

What is the ideal spot for you to stick your works?

I don't really have an ideal spot, I pose where there is traffic and where there isn't.

Afterwards, one day I would like to create a facade or invite myself and my moz to museums.

Can you tell us about your first mosaic (from the idea to its installation)?

The first was a small SI, it is placed in a secret location in Auvergne.

Then there was the first MOZ placed on an old building, the goal was just to make a big monster visible from afar. He must be 1.70m tall.

There's also the one about McDonald's in Issoire, here I tried to do something on the theme of the restaurant with fries, a burger, ice cream and the famous poo after McDonald's.

What cities and countries have you invaded?

Mainly Clermont-Ferrand with more than 120 Moz, then Paris, Issoire, Port Leucate, Toulouse. I don't pose too much outside of Auvergne at the moment.

Do you have any idea how many mosaics you have installed?

I must be at 250.

What is your favorite mosaic?

There are a lot of mosaic works that I like, but I will choose two:

MTB_09 from Invader in Montauban, the first time I saw it I just said “HA yeah she farts”.

The Grendizer from which is just magnificent.

Do you have a bad experience to tell us?

Frankly no, I have only had good experiences so far, whether with passers-by or the police. I got some pretty cool feedback, after that it's a matter of tastes and colors, everyone has their opinions.

What are your artistic projects and your desires for this year?

My priority and my main project remains to do this for pleasure. Afterwards I would like to do one or two collaborations again this year (with a mosaicist if I can). I'm also thinking of making a bestiary of my Moz (long-term project). I will try to pose abroad and reach more than 300 Moz in Clermont-Ferrand.

Your wildest dream?

Be a Saiyan Jedi dinosaur breeder.

And finally, which artist would you like me to interview for the next portrait?

Rovatinsky , or 4LFR3D N3W M4D .

How to follow you (site, Instagram account, Flasher nickname, etc.)?

There is my Hanimalé Moz insta account or on the Pixel art site which is very well done.

On Flash invader, I put my name Hanimale-moz. I don't flash much anymore but I'm going to start again.


Thank you for this great interview 🙂

Photo credits: Hanimalé Moz & Invader

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Portrait #11 : Hanimalé Moz et ses monstres colorés qui envahissent les murs 🦖 -

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Portrait #11: Hanimalé Moz and his colorful monsters that invade the walls 🦖

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