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Portrait #6 _steifff : pixel odyssey, inside _Steifff's Artistic World ⚽ -

Portrait #6 _steifff: pixel odyssey, inside _Steifff's Artistic World ⚽

Hello _steifff, could you tell us more about the person behind this pseudonym?

The person behind the pseudonym was born and raised in Aachen in Germany. Always interested in leaving something behind. After my first experiences with spray cans and no talent, I fell in love with pixels, tiles, and mosaics. I guess Invader got me. The French scene was always strong and inspiring.

And about the choice of this pseudonym?

It's just a development of my name and my nicknames. Translated, it means "stiff", reflecting my lack of flexibility. Kinda fits with pixels and dots too.

What was your first contact with urban art?

When I was young, around 13-14 years old, graffiti got me hooked. My blackbook, finding my style. I started listening to Hip Hop and found my culture.

What did you want to get involved in it?

Just being seen, as simple as it is. We were young, stupid, and searching for our spot in life. Art and being creative was one way of trying to find your own way. And art followed me my whole life. There were times when I was deep into it, and years where I did nothing but cherish the past. But luckily till now, it accompanied my way - and of course, trying to inspire others.

If you had to define your style in 3 words, what would they be?

Pixels, retro and authentic.

Can you tell us more about your creative process?

My process is wild. Whether I have energy and want to do it right away, or months pass and I do literally nothing, I cannot really tell why. My way of getting inspired is like the weather - you never know when it will happen. But when the process is running - I need hip hop music and then I roll and stick my stones.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

My city, my football team - Alemannia Aachen. Friends who send me stuff, or other artists challenging me. When I ride my bike - I have only eyes for good spots. Also, being to football games in other cities is inspiring. Then of course, Instagram. Sometimes I check other artists like: In the woup , Waldo , Megamatt, Taglady , Saylove.whv, Hanimalemoz or all the others. And then I want to be 18 again and bomb the world with attitude.

What is the ideal spot for you to stick your works?

I cannot really tell, as long as I feel it - it works fine for me. I also have some really hidden ones, it's not always about being in the best visible spot.

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Can you tell us about your first mosaic (from idea to installation)?

After I finally realized that my pencil skills are limited - I started fuse beads. First, of course, Mario and Nintendo-related stuff - mosaic tiles came later. I guess a normal development. I can't really remember - to be honest. More than 10 years ago. But I guess it was a mushroom from Nintendo Mario. I wanted to change the colors and used mosaic stones and glue on a big tile. But street art is what I like the most. Putting even one person a smile on the face while passing by. I guess that's my motivation - even when I am not there. So just the imagination - that one person feels the installation.

What is your iconic piece?

The Klenkes is a sign of our city. I developed the Klenkes out of the Mario mushroom and people here know what it is about.

Which cities and countries have you invaded?

Just in my hometown area.

Do you have an idea of ​​how many mosaics you have installed?

Around 50, I would say. From small to big. Right now my stuff is hanging in a little cafe - for the first time. It feels nice to be seen - fits good to coffee. I also have some requests for pieces - but hey - my energy and motivation is - like I said - like the weather.

What are your artistic projects and desires for this year?

Time is my biggest enemy. My regular job, my family, my kids - time is important. I don't have any big dreams so far. I won't have the time to focus my energy just for the art - I am getting older - and the desire to bomb as much as I wanted in the past - is shrinking a tiny bit. Everything that will happen in the future which is part of an organic development is fine for me. Also, collaborators and tiny art galleries are fine.

And finally, which artist would you like me to interview for the next portrait?

Saylove.whv , guys from Wilhelmshaven - Germany. They do sticky mosaics from duct tape - I guess. Good people. Check them out on Insta.

How can we follow you (website, Instagram account, Flasher pseudonym...)?

Just Instagram: _steifff .


Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. Cheers 🤙🏻

Photo credits _steifff

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