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Portrait #8 : Maze, promenade labyrinthique dans Marseille 💦 -

Portrait #8: Maze, labyrinthine walk in Marseille 💦

Hello Maze, can you tell us more about the choice of your pseudonym?

I make labyrinth mosaics. “Maze” simply means labyrinth in English.

What was your first contact with urban art? What made you want to get into this?

My first contact with urban art was the different works I saw while walking around, whether it was the mosaics of Invader, or the graffiti of Monsieur Chat for example. I also really like the street art of Pappas Pärlor, who uses ironing beads instead of mosaic. I find the idea of ​​taking over public space to express one's creativity and speak to other people incredible.

I have been painting for several years, and at the beginning I started putting stickers of my works in the streets. This was my first contact with the street and revealing myself.

Several years passed before I took up mosaics.

If you had to define your style in 3 words, what would they be?


Can you tell us more about your creative process?

I start by quickly drawing the patterns of a maze and after drawing the main lines, I pixelate them. Once the pattern is complete, the manufacturing process is fairly standard.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

It's difficult to answer, I haven't really thought about it. Obviously most mosaic street artists inspire me, but it's mainly through their way of working.

To create my labyrinths, I don't think of anything in particular, I am not inspired by any feeling or by a current topic. I just let my mind wander and my creativity flow.

What is the ideal spot for you to stick your works?

I'm new to mosaics, so far I've only stuck my works in fairly accessible places. I glue my mosaics when I go for a walk. I haven't yet taken the step of sticking my mosaics up high, in the middle of the night, but I'm thinking of doing it.

The ideal spot would be a busy place, visible and inaccessible at the same time.

Can you tell us about your first mosaic (from the idea to its installation)?

Basically, I wanted to make street art by reproducing video game characters. Before the mosaic, I started with ironing beads, easier and more practical to handle. But I realized that this already existed, there was no real creative spirit there but simple reproduction.
Then, I considered taking a video game character and adapting it. I immediately thought of Toad and modifying his mushroom, but again this concept already existed. The idea of ​​using a video game character also existed (In The Woup does it in a superb way).

So, I thought about what message I wanted to leave. Maybe it wasn't the character that mattered, but the symbol itself. A symbol that would speak to everyone, that everyone could interpret and that could be duplicated endlessly. The idea of ​​the labyrinth seemed obvious to me after several weeks of reflection. The labyrinth has a strong symbolic value.

I installed my first mosaic while walking near my house.

What cities and countries have you invaded?

For now, I have only installed them in my city, Marseille.

Do you have any idea how many mosaics you have installed?

A dozen.
I have several in stock but I haven't installed them yet.

What is your favorite mosaic?

I don't really have one. As I'm starting out, some mosaics are more symmetrical than others and better made. If I had to choose, these would be my favorites.

Do you have a bad experience to tell us?

When it comes to mosaics, none.

As I told you, I first started with ironing beads reproducing video game characters. I had put some up around my house, but they were all stolen... It saddened me but in the end I tell myself that if some people stole my works, it was perhaps because they liked them.

What are your artistic projects and your desires for this year?

First of all, to continue my momentum. I want to create lots of mosaics of different sizes and colors, and place them in the streets of Marseille.

Your wildest dream?

I would like people to recognize me as an artist by looking at my mosaics and for my mosaics to be identified as my “trademark”.

As I began the mosaic, I asked myself whether I should identify myself or not. I chose not to. It's true that this can restrict being recognized as an artist, but for me, the work comes before the artist. If I chose to do street art, it is above all to deliver a message.

What is this message you are talking about?

The labyrinth is strong in symbolism and can be interpreted in many ways. It can represent the paths of life that are available to us, the paths that we take, the walls that we may find ourselves facing at some point in our lives, etc.

Everyone is free to interpret this symbol as they wish, this is what makes it strong.

And finally, which artist would you like me to interview for the next portrait?

As In The Woup suggested, I really like MifaMosa's mosaics, an interview with him would be great.

Otherwise, you could also interview Zigom Art, Mr Djoul or OPLO NTINO.

How to follow you (site, Instagram account, Flasher nickname, etc.)?

My Instagram account: @_inthemaze_

Many thanks for your participation! Good luck to you neighbor to the south!

Photo credits: Maze

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