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Quel type de carreaux (taille et couleur) choisir pour sa mosaïque street art ? (GUIDE 3/6) 🎨: -

What type of tiles (size and color) should you choose for your street art mosaic? (GUIDE 3/6) 🎨:

In the vibrant world of street art, every choice counts, and tiles are no exception. The careful selection of these elements is crucial to bringing a captivating street art mosaic to life. From the type of materials to the dimensions and hues, each decision influences the overall aesthetic of the work. Explore with us the intricacies of tile selection and discover how these elements combine to create unique urban masterpieces.

The different materials

The world of street art mosaic tiles offers a fascinating diversity of materials, each bringing its own distinctive touch. Ceramic , versatile and colorful, stands out for its durability, suitable for various environments. Glass , transparent and luminous, finds its place in projects where translucency is essential. Glass paste , artistic and textured, offers a unique tactile dimension. As for the stone , robust and imposing, it sits perfectly in outdoor or large-scale projects. Each material has its unique benefits, offering an endless palette of creative possibilities.


Ceramic, the artistic chameleon of tiles, seduces with its versatility . With remarkable durability , it lends itself to all environments, from interior environments to works exposed to bad weather. Its wide variety of colors allows you to express a diversity of artistic emotions, making ceramics an essential choice for those seeking to merge robustness and aesthetics.


Glass, by its translucent and luminous nature , adds a unique dimension to street art mosaic. Ideal for projects requiring a subtle play of lights, it excels in creating striking visual effects . Glass tiles literally glow from different angles, capturing and refracting light for an immersive visual experience.

Molten glass

Glass paste, woven with a unique artistic texture, is a captivating choice. With its ability to capture light in a distinctive way , it lends visual depth to each creation. Glass paste particularly shines in projects where the tactile dimension is essential.


Stone, solid and majestic , finds its place in daring projects. Ideal for works exposed to outdoor elements or large-scale creations , stone provides incomparable robustness.

The different sizes

The choice of tile size is an essential aspect in the creation of a street art mosaic, directly influencing the scale and level of detail of the work.

Mini tiles: 1 x 1 cm

Mini tiles offer an endless artistic palette, perfect for those who love exploring fine details . Their small size allows exceptional precision, ideal for complex works requiring particular attention to detail. Opt for these miniatures when every detail counts.

Classic tiles: 2.4 x 2.4 cm

Classic tiles, with their medium size, embody versatility . Suitable for a variety of medium-sized projects, they lend themselves to different surfaces with ease. Their balance of detail and scale makes them a wise choice for varied artistic compositions.

Large tiles 4 x 4 cm

For bold projects that demand impressive scale , large tiles are the answer. Their generous size allows large spaces to be covered quickly, ideal for creations where fine details can be sacrificed in favor of a powerful overview .

Once the size of the tiles has been chosen, the choice of their colors is also a crucial step in bringing a visually striking work to life.

The different Colors

The color palette is the soul of any successful street art mosaic. Choosing shades in harmony with the environment and/or the theme of the work is essential. The meticulous selection of colors creates visual harmony, elevating the overall artistic impact of the creation.

Bright colors

Bright colors inject palpable energy into a mosaic. Their judicious use can energize a work, creating a strong visual impact and attracting attention. Opt for vibrant colors when you want to breathe a dose of vitality and dynamism into your creation.

Neutral Tones

The elegance of neutral tones offers a refined alternative . Ideal for more subdued environments or a minimalist artistic style, these tones add a touch of understated sophistication to street art mosaic. Use neutral tones to create clean, timeless artistic compositions .

Glow-in-the-dark tiles

In the vibrant palette of street art, phosphorescent colored tiles emerge as a captivating option. These unique tiles absorb daylight and return it to darkness, creating a dynamic luminous dimension to your mosaic. Imagine the streets lighting up at night, showcasing your artwork in a striking way.

Mirror tiles

In the infinite palette of tiles for street art mosaics, mirror tiles stand out like jewels reflecting the very essence of the urban environment. These tiles, often metallic and shiny , capture and reflect light in unique ways, creating intriguing visual plays in your work. Imagine the shimmering reflections of city lights, integrated into your mosaic to add a sparkling dimension.


Meticulous choice of tiles in a street art mosaic is the key to crafting a truly unique work. From varying materials to different sizes and colors, each decision influences the overall aesthetic. By encouraging artists to explore these options, we celebrate creative diversity and invite everyone to find their artistic voice at the heart of urban art.

You can now consult our Guide 4: “Assembling your mosaic with the right materials” to discover the materials essential to creating an exceptional street art mosaic.

The tiles of

At, we offer a palette of 15 colors , ranging from bright shades to astonishing phosphorescents , thus offering great freedom in the models created.

Our tiles are available in two sizes (mini 1 x 1 cm and classic 2.4 x 2.4 cm) and are identical to those used by the famous artist Invader .

Made from premium recycled glass , sourced from leftovers from other industries, and inorganic pigments of natural origin, they embody sustainability and commitment to responsible creation .

The artistic adventure that we offer you materializes through turnkey DIY kits available on our online store . These kits not only provide an opportunity to create unique pixelated works, but also embrace the same artistic essence of Invader. Discover these exceptional kits, where art becomes an experience to share and celebrate.

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