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At, all our kits are designed and assembled by hand to order in our small workshop in Marseille, near the famous Cité Radieuse du Corbusier, where many Space Invaders have taken up residence. We pay particular attention to the customer experience and the quality and impact of our materials and prints.

Our mosaic tiles are made from high quality recycled glass from leftovers from other industries and inorganic pigments of natural origin. Our Spanish partner 🇪🇸 uses a completely clean and environmentally friendly production system, with minimal water consumption. Their ovens are electric, so no gases are emitted into the atmosphere. The result is a 100% recyclable and ecological product with high added value.

Our glue comes from our French partner 🇫🇷 who has been producing its glue in France since 1930. Its approach is certified “eco” since it maintains a strong environmental policy and notably has EMAS certification. And the icing on the cake, she smells very good (a childhood memory at school) and has a beautiful white dress (like a lovely bride)!

Our printing , flyers and packaging are made primarily on recycled and recyclable paper. We constantly strive to improve our processes in order to reconcile quality and price, with the aim of minimizing our daily carbon footprint.

We will continue our efforts to find creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, with other initiatives likely to emerge later this year.

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