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Street art mosaic birthday box "Mini monster"

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Color: Green
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3 x Holographic Stickers

Are you looking for an original idea for your child's birthday? Transform your child's birthday into a unique experience with our "Mini Monster" birthday box.

Designed to be simple and fun, this turnkey box allows each child to create their own street art mosaic, while having fun with their friends.

How it works ?

🤩 Original and creative birthday entertainment for 8 children to 16 children
🧩 Each child can build a street art mosaic from a selection of 9 models and/or give free rein to their imagination
👍 Manual activity easy to organize for parents and to do for children aged 4 and over
⏱️ Animation from 1 hour to 2 hours
✅ Turnkey box: all the equipment is provided to carry out the manual activity.
🎨 Choice of the dominant color of the tiles, allowing you to personalize the experience.
🎁 Small gifts to please all the children.
💶 From €13 per child, for an affordable and memorable party.
🇫🇷 Designed and manufactured in France
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What does the box contain?

  • “Classic” tiles in bulk (around 40/child) in the chosen dominant color, accompanied by black and white tiles.
  • Tubes of quick fix glue (1/child)
  • Model flyers to follow (1/child)
  • Flyers instructions to follow (1/child)
  • Fixing grid 25 cm x 25 cm ( 1/child)
  • Adhesive tabs for indoor fixing (2/child)
  • Roll of transparent food paper (1/box)
  • Holographic stickers (1/child) 🎁
  • Bag of Space Invader candy (1/child) 🎁
  • Promo codes for a next order on the store (1/child) 🎁

ℹ️ To be provided by parents: a pair of scissors or a cutter to cut the mosaics.

This “Mini Monster” birthday box is the perfect solution for a successful, creative and stress-free party. Give your children a unique and memorable artistic experience!

ℹ️ Please note that the product has no connection whatsoever with the French artist Invader.

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