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Made in France 🇫🇷

All our kits are designed and assembled in our small artisanal workshop in Marseille , not far from the legendary Cité Radieuse du Corbusier, where many Space Invaders reside (#March_90 to #March_97). 👾

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Authentic, recycled and recyclable tiles 💚

The tiles are identical to those used by the famous artist Invader . They are made from high quality recycled glass from leftovers from other industries and inorganic pigments of natural origin.

Our manufacturer uses a completely clean and environmentally friendly production system, with minimal water consumption. Their ovens are electric, so no gases are emitted into the atmosphere. The result is a 100% recyclable and ecological product with high added value .

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The birth of 🐣

Florent Isidore , a young entrepreneur passionate about digital and urban art, has always been fascinated by Space Invaders. He grew up seeing these mosaics invade the streets of French cities and was always impressed by their simplicity and unique aesthetic.

One day, while talking with friends, he realized that many people shared this same fascination with Space Invaders but didn't know how to have one in their home .

This is how he came up with the idea of ​​creating kits that would allow everyone to build their own Space Invader .

He then embarked on this exciting project to make the creation of these famous urban mosaics accessible to everyone .

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