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Portrait #3 Tag__lady : POP culture, Comics, Disney et sa touche féminine ! 🌈 -

Portrait #3 Tag__lady: POP culture, Comics, Disney and its feminine touch! 🌈

Hello tag__lady, can you tell us more about the person behind this pseudonym? As well as on the choice of the latter?

My nickname was given to me by my friends more than 10 years ago. A lot of people think that I play the bomb “tag” but it’s a diminutive. And… I prefer that the rest of the nickname remains anonymous 😉.

I moved to the Loiret 3 years ago. Describing yourself is not easy, people say that I am endearing, with Breton/Corsican origins I definitely have my own little character!

I always smile, move around and/or have periods where I stay at home to create with a good playlist and liters of coffee. My apartment is a happy, colorful “brothel”! Not sure if these details interest people 😊

What was your first contact with urban art? What made you want to get into this?

A former Parisian, my passion for street art was born as soon as I moved to Paris, more than 20 years ago. The capital is an open-air museum of street art. On almost every street corner, there is a work! In 2014, Invader released its “FlashInVaders” application, like many Parisians, I became a flasher 😄! I was fascinated to see the enthusiasm caused by these strange Martians.

For 10 years it really tickled me but I didn't feel legitimate and above all I had a very demanding job. So I put my desire aside, admiring others. Then, at some point we have to listen to ourselves, find our balance, do what we are passionate about!

So I've been illustrating the streets for a year and a half.

If you had to define your style in 3 words, what would they be?

Pop Culture

Can you tell us more about your creative process?

I'm not going to talk about the technical side but rather about the way I decide to create a work. And it's very simple, either I want to create a character and then I find a place for him in the urban setting. Either, I find the location and there I imagine the mosaic that I could create to play with the environment.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

The characters who rocked my childhood or personal winks that I love to make to my friends or my family 😊.

Otherwise as an artist nothing to do with the pixel but I really like the world of Banksy which remains timeless.

What is the ideal spot for you to stick your works?

Ah… I already answered this question a little by talking about my creative process. I can specify that I really like playing with urban frames, like bricked-up windows for example. This is what I did with my Marilyn, my Popeye/Olive. Or my Batman series that I wanted to place in a tunnel for the “dark” atmosphere or very recently with Alice's rabbit. This big clock immediately spoke to me!

Can you tell us about your first mosaic (from the idea to the installation)?

Oulalaalaaa, a friend advised me to keep it because I wanted to throw it away! She's totally banged up 😊 😊 😊. No proper alignment, which is the basis of pixel art. She represented the Joker. Koople Goal with Harley Quinn. I didn't put it down but I started another little Joker and Harley that I put in the Tuileries tunnel half a year ago.

When people send me photos, that’s when I see my progress. Godness! I had a lot of room for improvement 😊.

What cities and countries have you invaded?

Orléans, Paris, Blois, Tours, Saumur, La Rochelle, Île de Ré. Some small towns in Loiret. For now.😉

Do you have any idea how many mosaics you have installed?

I placed my 100th on 01/01/2024, symbolic of starting my year off right.

As of today, I'm at 103. The 104 is ready to be installed, I just need to find the time.

What is your favorite mosaic?

The Magritte!

This pose is not technical but I placed my mosaic next to a beautiful, nicely sculpted bull's eye which, for me, makes the whole thing poetic.

Do you have a bad experience to tell us?

I forget the times when my ladder slipped off the wall during my poses. At more than 3 or 4 meters, my heart went straight to my tonsils!

I haven't had any bad experiences so far (fingers crossed!). Just technical “problems” depending on the places where I want to place my mosaic.

When I have an idea in my head, it's difficult to get me to change it. What can save me sometimes are my acolytes who tell me “no, seriously, Tag, it’s not going to do it, it’s too dangerous, it’s too high…”.

Oh yes, an anecdote that makes me laugh now but not at the time. One night, those were my first 3 real poses, when I got to the 3rd I had a friend who wasn't super calm, who told me to hurry up because there was a vehicle that wouldn't stop turning around my pose. I didn't manage my stress at all, I quickly put down my mosaic, got off the ladder, looked up and there….The disaster!!!!!! I had installed my mosaic upside down! Once stuck, impossible to take off. I admit that I got a wet eye from my stupidity but now I laugh about it 😊. Here it is in picture!

What are your artistic projects and your desires for this year?

I am currently preparing my solo show which will take place in July. It's my first and I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself but it's just pure fun!

I would also like to have the time to expand my playing field into other departments or even abroad. But between my professional activity, my exhibition, my street poses, my start to the year is very busy. And above all, it still requires great logistics!

Your wildest dream?

Being free to be able to illustrate whenever I want without telling myself that I have to be behind a desk at 8 a.m. Or, for each department, a mosaic! I still have beautiful creations in front of me 😊

And finally, which artist would you like me to interview for the next portrait?

Ben Florent, why don't you play the game too?

How to follow you (site, Instagram account, Flasher nickname, etc.)?

My Insta profile: @tag__lady

Welcome to discover my world 😊


Many thanks to you for taking the time to answer my questions.

And thank you for the invitation to my own interview, we'll organize it for the 10th portrait, I promise!

Good luck to you and see you soon!

Photo credits Tag__lady
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