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Comment bien fixer votre mosaïque street art en fonction de l'emplacement et de l'environnement ? (GUIDE 6/6) 📌 -

How to properly fix your street art mosaic depending on the location and environment? (GUIDE 6/6) 📌

Choosing the right way to fix a street art mosaic is essential to guarantee its stability and harmonious integration into its environment. Whether you opt for interior or exterior, the characteristics of the wall, such as the plaster, will influence your choice. Let's dive into the mounting options to understand how to ensure the artistic durability of your work.

Indoor mounting

Paste to fix

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The fixing paste presents itself as a versatile interior option, offering simplicity and reversibility . Choose a paste suitable for the support (prefer white color) for secure fixing and residue-free removal.

Self-adhesive adhesive tabs

4 x Adhesive tabs -

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As interesting as the paste to attach, the self-adhesive adhesive tabs are even simpler to install. Please note that some models may pose small reversibility problems due to glue residue on the walls.


Hooks are also an ideal solution for lightweight indoor mosaics. Their strength and great reversibility make them an attractive option but it will be more difficult to hang your mosaic on it depending on the hook model chosen and the shape and weight of the mosaic to be attached.

“No nails or screws” type glue

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“No nails, no screws” glue can be an option, but its use indoors presents risks of reversibility.

Do not consider more powerful glue indoors , it will be of absolutely no use, apart from leaving your deposit or a few hours of hammer and sander work there.

Adhesion on plaster

Adhesion on a plastered wall can be a little more difficult. Potentially opt for a more robust fixing paste or specific tabs, or even consider light sanding of the render to ensure a solid fix.

Outdoor mounting

Weather-protected options

For mosaics protected from bad weather, the fixing options remain similar to those indoors . Fixing paste and self-adhesive adhesive tabs may be sufficient, offering practicality and reversibility. Depending on the humidity of the location and for optimal durability, still favor “neither nail nor screw” type glue.

Non-weatherproof options

Outdoors exposed to bad weather, the situation changes. Choose glue (neither nails nor screws) or “flex” adhesive mortar to ensure robust adhesion. Be careful, however, with their practically irreversible appearance. Choose the color of the glue in harmony with the wall, and consider sanding the plaster for optimal fixation.

For even more durability, you can also make a joint around the contours of the mosaic using your finger (like making a joint in a bathroom) with silicone sealant in the color of your choice.

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Additional Tips

If you don't have the soul of a great DIYer, choose reversible mounting options and start with an indoor installation. After several mosaics have been installed, you can consider installing a huge one on your exterior wall.

Remember to use a level when fixing to ensure a perfectly straight installation.


  • Irreversibility of installation: Before fixing your mosaic, understand the irreversible implications of the fixing option you have chosen. Tenants should be aware that removal may result in permanent damage to surfaces. Choose the glue based on the desired reversibility to avoid future complications.
  • Condominium legislation: outdoors, especially in condominiums, respect the strict legislation concerning fixings on terrace walls imposed by your property manager. Most condominiums prohibit this to preserve the uniform appearance of the building. Review the rules and obtain the necessary permissions before installing your mosaic.
  • Legal aspect in public spaces: Although tolerated in many places, the installation of mosaics in the street is theoretically prohibited. Even though most public authorities turn a blind eye to this form of artistic expression, be aware of the official rules and the possibility of sanctions.


Choosing the right mounting method for your street art mosaic is crucial to its artistic integrity and longevity. Whether indoors or outdoors, each option has its advantages and disadvantages . By considering the characteristics of the wall and making informed choices, you ensure that your work remains a lasting and captivating element of your environment.

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