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Here you will find the most asked questions.

With all these answers, you will no longer have any reason not to take the plunge!

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Do you have any stores?

Good question ! For the moment, we are exclusively distributed online on our store.

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Our DIY kits

What exactly does a street art mosaic installation kit contain?

A mosaic installation kit contains all the materials necessary to create a mosaic of a size, variable depending on the model chosen, less than 30 x 30 cm.

It includes ceramic mosaic tiles , an assembly grid , a tube of glue as well as the pattern of the model you have chosen.

Simply put, everything you need to make your own unique creation is included in the kit.

How many mosaics can you create with a kit?

Only one !

Each kit includes the exact number of tiles needed to build your chosen model.

Of course, as we are nice (and above all predictable), we give you a few extra tiles in case of a problem (a tile that breaks or your dog runs away with one!).

Are the kits available in multiple sizes?

Today the kits are available in the one and only size displayed in the detailed product sheet.

However, it is possible to create larger mosaics by combining several kits, it's like with LEGO®!

Are the kits reusable?

The kits are not reusable , because once glued the tiles are inseparable. And if you force it, it will destroy the tiles and/or the mounting grid.

However, you can order additional kits to create new designs.

Are the kits suitable for children or are they only suitable for adults?

The kits are suitable for children over 6 years old , but parental supervision is recommended for younger children due to the sharp tools (cutter/scissors), glue used and the size of the tiles.

Children can participate in creating mosaics with the help of an adult to help them handle the tools safely.

Where do your tiles come from?

Our tiles are identical to those used by the famous artist Invader. They are made from high quality recycled glass from leftovers from other industries and inorganic pigments of natural origin.

Our partner produces its tiles in Spain with a completely clean and environmentally friendly production system, with minimal water consumption. The result is a 100% recyclable and ecological product with high added value.

Where does your glue come from?

Our glue comes from our French partner 🇫🇷 who has been producing their glue in France since 1930.

Its approach is certified “eco” since our partner maintains a strong environmental policy and notably has EMAS certification (“EcoManagement ans Audit Scheme”).

And the icing on the cake, it smells good and has a beautiful white color!

Que signifie l'option "assemblage" ?

Cela signifie que nous assemblons la mosaïque à votre place. La mosaïque vous est envoyée déjà assemblée, dans un carton renforcé, prête à être fixée.

C'est idéal si vous manquez de temps et/ou si vous vous sentez pas à l'aise de la construire.


Do the kits require special DIY or art skills?

The kits require no special DIY or art skills . Anyone can create their own mosaic with a little patience and attention to detail.

The instructions provided are easy to follow and detailed to guide you through every step of the process.

How long does it take to make a mosaic?

It takes less than 2 15 minute sessions to build a mosaic using the kit. This may vary depending on the size and complexity of the mosaic but above all your comfort.

There are also two drying stages of 8 hours .

Placed end to end, you will therefore have to wait a full day to have your mosaic completed.

How much glue should I apply on each tile and during the second installation?

A watchword: parsimony!

To avoid a too visible joint between the tiles, dose carefully. Place a small drop, about half the size of the tile, to secure it with the net.

For the second installation, add a drizzle of glue, adjusting according to the presence of glue already in place. Smooth the glue using cellophane film around your finger to spread it well and to facilitate drying.

Be careful, especially with small tiles. Keep the excess for a future mosaic or for possible touch-ups.

If your glue tube still contains product at the end of assembly, don't panic! Keep it for a future mosaic or as a precaution in case a tile comes loose, a very rare but possible situation.

How to glue and fix diagonally positioned tiles?

As is the case for our Blue model, for the tiles positioned diagonally to stand on their own, you will either have to be lucky and the tile remains attached to the rest of the mosaic by being positioned exactly on an "edge". " of a line of the fiberglass net or you must simply glue / fix the tile independently when installing the mosaic on your surface.

How can I fix tiles that are not straight in my mosaic?

Don't worry, this is completely normal, mosaic is not an exact science!

Indeed, although the tiles generally follow a defined shape and size, each tile is unique, which explains that each line of your mosaic will never be perfectly aligned (unless you use plastic tiles 😜).

And then keep in mind that, once the mosaic is attached to the wall, its small imperfections will no longer be visible.

To minimize them, do not hesitate to slightly shift the tiles to align them with each other, and rotate them on their axes to adjust them.

It is best to carry out these operations when the glue begins to dry, in order to be more precise in your manipulations.

Finally, remember that it is precisely these “imperfections” that will give all the charm to your mosaic!


How to attach the mosaic to an indoor wall?

To attach your mosaic to an indoor wall, you can use wall adhesive specially designed for indoor use (adhesive tabs for pictures, Patafix, double-sided tape, etc.).

Just make sure the wall is clean and dry before applying the adhesive, and use a level to make sure the mosaic is straight.

How to attach the mosaic to an outdoor wall?

To permanently fix a mosaic on an outdoor wall, all you need to do is use fixing glue, neither nails nor screws, all materials, or cement glue available in any DIY store.

Make sure the wall is clean and dry and the surface is relatively flat before sticking the mosaic and use a level to make sure it is straight.

Please note, this process will be final so choose the location carefully!

Can the installation kits be used for decoration without fixing them?

Absolutely ! If you don't want or are afraid to attach the mosaic to an interior or exterior wall, you can simply place it on a piece of furniture, flat or against the wall .

Be aware that some people even use mosaics as coasters!

Do the kits include all the tools needed to construct and attach these mosaics?

You will only need to provide a cutter (a pair of scissors also works but is less recommended) during construction.

And then, depending on where you will attach your mosaic, you will need to provide the appropriate fixing method (see the following questions for more information).

Otherwise, apart from your hands and the contents of the kit, you won't need anything else!

Can the mosaics created with the kits be installed on streets or on private properties only?

The kits have been designed for installation on private properties with the authorization of the owner .

However, it is also true that these kits can be installed on public streets.

However, please note that some countries have specific laws regarding urban art and you should be aware of local laws before you start installing mosaics in public spaces.

We will not be held responsible and we will not pay your jail bail (but we will still give you some tips for removing a mosaic.


How to clean and maintain a mosaic after installing it?

To clean and maintain a mosaic after installing it, you can simply use a soft cloth (or sponge) and warm water to wipe the surface of the mosaic.

Avoid using abrasive chemicals or window cleaners, as they can damage the mosaic surface.

If there is a stubborn stain, you can use a little mild soap mixed with warm water to clean the area.

How durable are mosaics?

The kits contain high quality ceramic mosaic tiles, making them durable and weather resistant .

Mosaics can withstand rain, sun, and frost without fading or deteriorating, making them an ideal outdoor decor option.

For indoor use, unless your cat jumps on it and drops it, the mosaic will have an almost unlimited lifespan!

The workshop

I have a mosaic project!

Would you like to organize a street art mosaic construction workshop in a school or retirement home? Would you like to collaborate? Or any project related to our core business?

Do not hesitate to contact us via this page and we can study your request.

Do you make custom street art mosaics?

Of course ! On the contrary, we love developing new things! Whether you are an individual or a professional, everything is possible!

So same as the previous question, do not hesitate to contact us via this page .

Can we come see you?

You should already know that we are based in sunny Marseille!

Then, it’s a big YES! We regularly open the doors of our artisanal workshop to all curious people and fans of mosaics. You will be able to meet us, chat with us, go behind the scenes of the brand, observe our models in real life, be like a child looking at our stock of tiles (Alibaba's cave)...

If you are interested, simply contact us to organize your visit.

Still have questions ?

A Chat allows you ↘️ to ask us as many questions as you want!

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