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Mosaic installation kits contain all the materials needed to create a unique mosaic and do not require any special DIY or art skills .

Mosaics can be attached to a variety of flat surfaces (indoors or outdoors) or placed on furniture .

Step by step guide

Discover all the steps to design your mosaic.

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1️⃣ Unpack your kit

There you will find a bag containing the mosaic tiles, a tube of glue, a fiberglass net and the template to follow.

2️⃣ Equip yourself with the necessary equipment

Take a cutter (or a pair of scissors), cellophane paper and a flat support such as a wooden board or cardboard, which you can easily turn over.

Place cellophane on the support, then add the grid on top.

3️⃣ Attach the tiles one by one

To start, apply glue to the back of the first mosaic tile (the rough side) and stick it to the grid.

It is recommended to start with a full line, preferably starting from the bottom left or right corner. Follow the template provided in the kit and progress line by line, from bottom to top.

4️⃣ Polish the mosaic before drying

Align your tiles using a ruler if necessary.

Immediately wipe off small excess glue with a damp cloth. If you have significant excess glue, wait for it to dry completely before removing it more easily.

Leave to air dry for 8 hours.

5️⃣ Add glue behind the net

Place a piece of cardboard or a book on top of your mosaic and carefully turn it over.

Carefully remove the plastic wrap and add glue to the back of the mosaic to strengthen it.

Allow to air dry for an additional 8 hours.

6️⃣ Cut the excess from the grid

Once the mosaic is completely dry, turn it over and use the craft knife or scissors to cut off any excess grid that sticks out.

🥳 Tadaaaa! Your mosaic is ready to be fixed!

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Are you encountering a difficulty? You need help ?

Do not panic ! You will probably find the answer to your question in the FAQ .

Please note that we are also available via chat ↘️ to help you!

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