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Le matériel indispensable pour réaliser une mosaïque street art de qualité (GUIDE 4/6) ✂️ -

The essential equipment to create a quality street art mosaic (GUIDE 4/6) ✂️

In the captivating world of street art mosaics, the choice of material is of crucial importance. Fiberglass netting, cardboard, and other essential elements play a central role in producing quality work. Let's dive into the complex world of mosaics, where every choice counts.

Fiberglass net

The fiberglass mesh turns out to be the backbone of the construction of a street art mosaic (even if some use transparent and perforated self-adhesive film). This strategic mesh holds the tiles together, creating a robust structure. Its precise grid, combined with the careful application of the glue, guarantees the cohesion of the whole. This fundamental component goes beyond a simple bond, it ensures the durability of the mosaic, resisting the elements and preserving artistic integrity. There are different mesh sizes, the 2 x 2 mm mesh ideal for mini tiles and the 4 x 4 mm mesh ideal for classic and larger tiles.


Cardboard, like a sturdy canvas, plays an essential role in the creation of a street art mosaic. It constitutes the solid base on which the work is erected , reliably supporting the fiberglass net and the glue. This foundation allows for flat construction , ensuring the necessary stability for each tile. It then allows good, secure cutting of the mosaic using its cutting tool.


Cling film, a discreet but essential player, is involved in controlling the glue drying process . By delicately placing it on the cardboard, it becomes a strategic ally by preventing the glue from adhering too quickly. This protective layer provides the necessary flexibility during construction, allowing artists to work with precision. Once the first layer of glue has dried, the cling film can be removed in order to place a second layer of glue on the back of the mosaic (and the net).

Cutting tool

Cutting tools, such as the cutter (preferred tool) and the pair of scissors , become the architects of precision in finalizing the mosaic. After applying the second layer of glue, the chosen cutting tool allows you to carefully cut out the contours of the work , cutting off the excess fiberglass net. This meticulous step not only guarantees an aesthetic finish, but also ensures the solidity of the structure.


Glue, the binding element of mosaic art, comes in different varieties, each adapted to specific environments (see our dedicated guide on “ How to properly attach your street art mosaic depending on location and environment ? ") depending on indoor or outdoor installation . Choosing the right glue is therefore imperative to ensure the durability of the mosaic .

Mosaic Model

Even if some are able to start with a blank sheet and rely on their improvisation skills, the creation of a mosaic model in advance becomes the essential starting point of any project . This visual guide becomes the conceptual architect, enabling precise tile layout and guaranteeing the final result. It is in this careful planning that the creative essence takes shape, transforming a vision into a concrete and harmonious work.

Mosaic Tiles

Of course we don't forget the mosaic tiles, the central element of the mosaic , with an infinite variety of colors and sizes (refer to our previous guide " What type of tiles to choose for your street art mosaic? " if necessary).

Optional: ruler or mason's square

For those seeking impeccable precision, using a ruler or mason's square becomes a wise consideration. This simple, yet powerful tool provides perfect tile alignment during construction . Although optional, adding a ruler to your arsenal of tools contributes to an even neater finish, ensuring that each element fits together harmoniously to create a unified work of art.

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When creating a quality street art mosaic, equipping yourself with the right equipment becomes the key to artistic success. From fiberglass mesh to carefully selected tiles, each element plays a crucial role in the strength and aesthetics of the work.

Now that you have gathered your materials and perhaps even already assembled your mosaic, consult our Guide 5 to choose the ideal location for your creation and guarantee perfect integration into your artistic environment.

The video tutorial from for its DIY street art mosaic kits

Discover in pictures the tutorial offered by . This immersive resource guides you step by step, illustrating in detail how to build your mosaic from the kits available on our online store.

And if you're interested in one of our kits, check out our collections here .

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