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Yeux phosphorescents 👻 -

Phosphorescent eyes 👻

Discover the latest innovation in our DIY street art kit catalog with our “glow-in-the-dark eyes” option. Transform your artistic creations by adding a mesmerizing glow. Let's dive into this exciting light adventure!

Phosphorescent Eyes

This new option is available today on all our mosaic kits, whether classic or mini. These phosphorescent tiles, to be used specifically for the eyes of mosaics, create a unique visual effect. The luminosity emanating from these eyes will bring your works to life in a new way, captivating the eyes of all who contemplate them.

Artistic benefits

These special tiles offer more than just a glow, they create a captivating visual effect, transforming your works into true luminous pieces of art. Subtle luminescence highlights details and adds mystical depth, allowing each creation to stand out in a memorable way.

Also imagine the fascinating possibility of using your mosaic as a night light in a child's bedroom. The glow-in-the-dark eyes, once charged by ambient light, provide a soft, reassuring glow in the dark, creating a calming environment for little ones.

Option cost

This artistic novelty is accessible to everyone, with a cost of a few additional euros for adding phosphorescent eyes to your mosaic kit. An accessible option that promises to considerably enrich your creations, bringing a unique luminous touch.


We invite you now to discover this new option in our catalog.

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