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Mosaic kit "Flora the flamingo"

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Bag of Space Invaders™ candy 👾 - 20g

Bag of Space Invaders™ candy 👾 - 20g

4 x Adhesive tabs

4 x Adhesive tabs

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3 x Holographic Stickers

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3 x Holographic Stickers

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Mosaic kit "Micro heart x3"

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Mosaic kit "Micro heart x3"

Discover Flore the pink flamingo , a DIY mosaic kit that allows you to create a unique piece to beautify your indoor or outdoor space.

Easily, quickly and neatly install your own street-art mosaic in your living room, kitchen, entrance, in the children's bedroom or on your terrace... in short, wherever you want.

  • 📏 Dimensions: mini size: 17 x 23 cm , classic size: 30 x 44 cm
  • 🧩 Number of tiles: 82
  • 💪 Difficulty level: 🔥🔥


  • 🧩 Canvas bag with mosaic tiles
  • 💧 Glue tube suitable for indoor use
  • ⬜️ Fiberglass grid
  • 🖼️ Model to follow
  • 👾 A surprise...


  • 🇫🇷 Handcrafted product designed and assembled in France
  • 🧩 Tiles identical to those used by the famous artist Invader
  • 🗿 Tiles unalterable over time (resists rain and sun)
  • 💚 100% recyclable and ecological tiles
  • 👦🏻 "Kid friendly", suitable for children aged 6 and over accompanied and assisted by an adult.


  • 🤪 You risk becoming addicted!
  • 🤓 You will make people jealous!


Rest assured, the kits do not require any special DIY or art skills . Anyone can create their own mosaic with a little patience and attention to detail.

The instructions provided in the kit and video tutorial are easy to follow and detailed to guide you every step of the way.

Find even more information in the FAQ section of our site.


📦 Free delivery in mainland France to a relay point from 50€ of purchases .
⏳ Order preparation in less than 24 hours
🚚 Delivery within 48 hours in mainland France.

ℹ️ Veuillez noter que le produit n'a aucun lien quelconque avec l'artiste français Invader.

Customer Reviews

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Le concept en vidéo 📹

Parce qu'une vidéo vaut mieux qu'un long discours, découvrez en images toutes les étapes pour construire votre mosaïque street art avec nos kits DIY.

Made in France 🇫🇷

All our kits are designed and assembled in our small artisanal workshop in Marseille , not far from the legendary Cité Radieuse du Corbusier, where many Space Invaders reside (#March_90 to #March_97). 👾

Authentic, recycled and recyclable tiles 💚

The tiles are identical to those used by the famous artist Invader . They are made from high quality recycled glass from leftovers from other industries and inorganic pigments of natural origin.

Our manufacturer uses a completely clean and environmentally friendly production system, with minimal water consumption. Their ovens are electric, so no gases are emitted into the atmosphere. The result is a 100% recyclable and ecological product with high added value .


Do the kits include all the tools needed to construct and attach these mosaics?

You will only need to provide a cutter (a pair of scissors also works but is less recommended) during construction.

And then, depending on where you will attach your mosaic, you will need to provide the appropriate fixing method (see the following questions for more information).

Otherwise, apart from your hands and the contents of the kit, you won't need anything else!

Are the kits suitable for children or are they only suitable for adults?

The kits are suitable for children over 6 years old , but parental supervision is recommended for younger children due to the sharp tools (cutter/scissors), glue used and the size of the tiles.

Children can participate in creating mosaics with the help of an adult to help them handle the tools safely.

How many mosaics can you create with a kit?

Only one, Captain !

Each kit includes the exact number of tiles needed to build your chosen model.

Of course, as we are nice (and above all predictable), we give you a few extra tiles in case of a problem (a tile that breaks or your dog runs away with one!).

How to attach the mosaic to an indoor wall?

To attach your mosaic to an indoor wall, you can use wall adhesive specially designed for indoor use (adhesive tabs for pictures, Patafix, double-sided tape, etc.).

Just make sure the wall is clean and dry before applying the adhesive, and use a level to make sure the mosaic is straight.

How to attach the mosaic to an outdoor wall?

To permanently fix a mosaic on an outdoor wall, all you need to do is use fixing glue, neither nails nor screws, all materials, or cement glue available in any DIY store.

Make sure the wall is clean and dry and the surface is relatively flat before sticking the mosaic and use a level to make sure it is straight.

Please note, this process will be final so choose the location carefully!

Can the installation kits be used for decoration without fixing them?

Absolutely ! If you don't want or are afraid to attach the mosaic to an interior or exterior wall, you can simply place it on a piece of furniture, flat or against the wall .

Be aware that some people even use mosaics as coasters!

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