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7 blogs incontournables pour les passionnés de street art -

7 essential blogs for street art enthusiasts

The street art scene has taken the world by storm, merging urban art with bold creative expressions. From Paris to New York to Tokyo, the streets are transformed into open-air galleries, capturing the imagination of art enthusiasts. However, for street art enthusiasts, exploring this form of expression is not limited to the physical streets. Online platforms play a crucial role in the discovery, celebration and preservation of these ephemeral works. This virtual immersion offers a global perspective, connecting communities of urban art enthusiasts around the world.

In this article, we'll explore seven must-read blogs and websites that play a vital role in highlighting street art through a digital lens.

Blog #1: “StreetArtNews”

Diving into the history of "StreetArtNews", we discover a platform that has evolved with the meteoric growth of the street art movement. Launched several years ago, this blog has quickly established itself as a reliable source of information on the latest trends, notable events and emerging artists in the global street art scene.

This blog stands out for its commitment to artists, spotlighting talented creators through exclusive features. From behind the scenes of events to in-depth interviews, “StreetArtNews” offers privileged access to the creative world of artists. The focus on key events from around the world creates an immersive experience for enthusiasts, keeping them up to date with the latest exhibitions and art events.

"StreetArtNews" is not just a blog, it is a thriving community that celebrates urban art in all its diversity and creative richness.

Access StreetArtNews

Blog #2 : “Street Art Utopia”

“Street Art Utopia” stands out for its singular focus on street art around the world. This platform offers a true artistic odyssey, exploring the streets of various cities to capture the richness and diversity of urban artistic expressions.

Particular emphasis is placed on showcasing exceptional frescoes and unique artistic installations. “Street Art Utopia” serves as a virtual showcase, showcasing ephemeral masterpieces that transform neighborhoods into vibrant galleries. Artists are highlighted not only for their artistic skills, but also for their ability to create works that transcend geographic boundaries.

Acting as meticulous curation, “Street Art Utopia” shapes artistic dialogue, inspiring and educating enthusiasts while fostering a deeper appreciation of this dynamic art form.

Access Street Art Utopia

Blog #3 : “Wooster Collective”

“Wooster Collective” holds a prominent place as a pioneer in online street art curation. Since its inception, this blog has shaped the way street art is presented and appreciated online, setting high standards for art selection.

A distinctive feature of this blog is its focus on the intersection between street art and contemporary culture. The creations featured on “Wooster Collective” are not simply isolated works, but visual commentaries on trends, values ​​and challenges in society.

This blog's archives capture the evolution of street art over the years, documenting the creative energy of this urban art form and preserving its cultural impact through time.

Access Wooster Collective

Blog #4 : “Street Art NYC”

“Street Art NYC” focuses intensively on the vibrant street art scene in New York City. By highlighting the streets of the “Big Apple”, this blog offers an immersive dive into the effervescent world of New York urban art.

The blog provides comprehensive coverage of events, spotlighting emerging artists while showcasing notable local collaborations. Spotlights are shined on festivals, exhibitions and artistic performances, providing a window into the creative diversity of New York's street art scene.

This blog plays a central role in promoting street art as an integral part of New York cultural life.

Go to Street Art NYC

Blog #5 : “Arrested Motion”

“Arrested Motion” places street art in the context of contemporary art, establishing significant connections between this form of urban expression and current artistic trends. This blog plays a crucial role in highlighting the relevance of street art in the modern art landscape.

Visual quality is at the heart of the “Arrested Motion” experience. The high-quality images capture the fine details of the works, offering viewers an exceptional visual immersion. The in-depth articles complement these images, providing critical analysis and commentary that enrich the understanding of street art as an artistic expression.

“Arrested Motion” establishes an essential bridge between street art and the vast world of contemporary art. The articles explore how street art influences and is influenced by other art movements, highlighting its dynamic role within the overall art scene.

Access Arrested Motion

Blog #6 : “Colossal”

“Colossal” stands out for its diverse artistic coverage, including features dedicated to street art. The platform offers a unique perspective by integrating street art into a broader artistic landscape, highlighting its variety and creative richness.

The exploration of unconventional materials and techniques characterizes “Colossal”. This blog looks at artistic experimentation, presenting projects that push the traditional boundaries of street art. With a focus on artistic innovation, “Colossal” celebrates the creative forms that transform urban spaces.

The multimedia richness of “Colossal” offers an immersive experience to readers. From captivating videos to interactive image galleries, the platform dynamically engages viewers, fostering a deeper appreciation of street art as a driving force for artistic innovation.

Go to Colossal

Blog #7 : “BK Street Art”

“BK Street Art” stands out by highlighting the street art scene in Brooklyn. This blog provides a dedicated showcase for the artistic creations that adorn the streets of this iconic neighborhood, capturing the unique energy and diversity of urban artistic expressions.

Community is at the heart of "BK Street Art", with a strong commitment to collaborative content creation. By actively supporting local artists, the blog creates a space for the community to express themselves and celebrate their unique artistic identity. “BK Street Art” thus becomes a catalyst for local support.

The impact of this blog extends beyond the artistic sphere, influencing Brooklyn's cultural identity. By documenting and showcasing local street art, “BK Street Art” helps forge a distinctive identity for the neighborhood, where urban art becomes an integral part of daily life and community pride.

Access BK Street Art


The importance of online platforms for street art enthusiasts is undeniable. These blogs provide a virtual window into an ever-changing art world, transcending geographic boundaries to connect a global community of urban art lovers.

I highly encourage readers to explore and engage with these blogs. Each of them makes a unique contribution to the street art scene, offering varied perspectives and enriching artistic discoveries.

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