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Les 6 guides ultimes pour imaginer, concevoir et installer sa propre mosaïque street art ! 🙏 -

The 6 ultimate guides for imagining, designing and installing your own street art mosaic! 🙏

The vibrant world of street art mosaic captivates creative minds around the world. In this article, dive into our 6 ultimate guides to imagining, designing and installing your own mosaic .

Each guide will reveal the secrets of this unique art form, providing an immersive experience from start to finish.

Guide 1: “Find inspiration for your street art mosaic project”

When you start creating a street art mosaic, it all starts with imagination. Our first detailed guide highlights 5 tips for finding inspiration to imagine the object or shape you want to create in mosaic . This guide is the crucial starting point for turning your ideas into captivating pixel art. Explore each step with confidence to bring your unique artistic vision to life.

Access the guide “ 5 tips for finding inspiration for your street art mosaic projects

Guide 2: “Create the model”

The model is the first stone of your mosaic project. Discover 3 methods to create a template . Whether you prefer detailed sketches, design software or improvisation, our detailed guide supports you in the creative process. Let your imagination take flight with these practical methods.

Access the guide “ 3 methods to create a street art mosaic model

Guide 3: “Choose the right tiles”

Selecting the perfect tiles is a crucial step in creating your street art mosaic. Our dedicated guide offers a summary of essential tips for choosing the right tiles for your project . Highlighting their central role as a primary material, explore the endless design possibilities.

Access the guide “ What type of tiles (size and color) to choose for your street art mosaic?

Guide 4: “Assemble your mosaic with the right materials”

In the captivating world of street art mosaics, each material plays a crucial role . From fiberglass to cardboard, each element presented in our guide influences the strength and aesthetics of your final work. Immerse yourself in the richness of these essential materials, discover their impact on the sustainability of your creation and make sure you have everything you need for an exceptional result.

Access the guide “ The essential equipment to create a quality street art mosaic

Guide 5: “Choosing the Perfect Location”

The choice between indoor or outdoor installation influences not only the aesthetic, but also the overall interaction with your work. Our detailed guide will help you make an informed decision and find the ideal location that will showcase your creation.

Access the guide “ How to choose the perfect location for your street art mosaic?

Guide 6: “Fix your mosaic”

When it comes to choosing and attaching your mosaic, the options vary depending on the environment and other settings. Our guide covers these options comprehensively , highlighting crucial tips for ensuring artistic durability in harmony with the wall's features. Navigate through our recommendations to choose the right fixation method, keeping in mind the potential irreversible implications.

Access the guide " How to properly fix your street art mosaic depending on the location and environment? "


These 6 guides offer you a complete journey to imagine, design and install your street art mosaic. Dive into each guide for detailed advice every step of the way. Embark on your project with confidence and creativity!

Share your experiences, ask questions, and send us photos of your creations.

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Discover a simpler and more accessible way to explore the world of street art mosaics with our DIY kits from These kits are specially designed for art lovers who want to create their own pixel art. Each kit contains quality mosaic tiles, detailed instructions and all the materials needed to build your mosaic. Whether you are a novice or an experienced artist, our DIY kits provide an immersive artistic experience. Explore our online store and find the perfect kit to bring your creativity to life. Street mosaic art is at your fingertips!

Discover all our kits here

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