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10 artistes internationaux de street art en mosaïque à découvrir et à suivre absolument ! 🤩 -

10 international mosaic street art artists to discover and follow absolutely! 🤩

In this article, we look back at the first ten mosaic street art artists that we had the chance to interview.

Each of these artists has their own signature and style, bringing a unique touch to urban art. Their colorful and often playful creations transform walls into true works of art, adding a touch of magic to the urban environment.

Explore this fascinating universe and let yourself be inspired by the talent and creativity of these ten exceptional artists.


In our first portrait, we received the Lyon artist . Through its works, seeks to merge the world of street art with elements of popular culture.

Inspired by video games and cartoons, creates colorful and playful mosaics that capture the imagination of passers-by. Whether Toad heads or landscapes with bees, each creation tells a unique story.

Still in search of its style, explores different themes, seeking to converge towards models linked to football or even landscapes with bees.

#2 In the woup

Our second artist, In the woup , transports us to a world of retro video games with his flagship project, MARIO WORLDZ PROJECT. Inspired by the Mario Bros universe, In the woup merges the world of Mario with other franchises to create unique and captivating works.

With nearly 200 works in 12 countries, In the woup brings a touch of nostalgia and joy to urban streets around the world.

Its minimalist and evocative style evokes childhood and arouses positive emotions in passers-by.

#3 Tag__lady

Tag__lady is an artist passionate about pop culture, comics and Disney.

Based in the Loiret, Tag__lady invites us to discover her invigorating world through a dynamic interview. Its mosaics, rich in color and amusing anecdotes, captivate the imagination and brighten up urban streets.

With her distinctive style and sense of humor, Tag__lady transforms gray walls into true works of art, inviting viewers to rediscover their everyday environment.

#4 Waldo

Waldo is an artist based in Angers, known for his colorful and imaginative mosaics.

Inspired by nature and fantastical creatures, Waldo creates works that evoke magic and fantasy. Its mosaics, often depicting birds and other colorful creatures, capture the imagination of passers-by and transform urban streets into true works of art.

With his distinctive style and sense of innovation, Waldo brings a touch of magic to the streets of the Angevin capital.

#5 Infinipi

Infinipi is a Miami-based artist whose work explores the unusual marriage between mathematics and street art.

Through its mosaics, Infinipi explores the infinity of Pi and seeks to trigger an emotion in the viewer. His art, born from a mixture of pain, melancholy and reflections, challenges norms and creates a unique connection with the public.

With its unique and innovative creations, Infinipi transforms urban streets into true works of art, inviting passers-by to reflect and discover their daily environment in a new light.

#6 _steifff

_steifff is an artist based in Aachen, Germany, whose work explores the world of pixel art.

Inspired by Invader, French urban culture and his favorite football team, _steifff creates mosaics that capture the imagination of passers-by. Despite time constraints, _steifff continues to create, aiming to inspire others with his authentic, retro style.

#7 Miles_div

Miles_div is a Helsinki-based artist known for his pixel art-inspired mosaics.

Moving from photography to pixel art, Miles_div is influenced by the film "Exit through the souvenir shop." He installed more than 200 mosaic pieces in Helsinki and Prague, transforming urban streets into open-air art galleries.

#8 Maze

Maze is an artist based in Marseille, known for his colorful and dynamic mosaics.

His work explores the theme of the labyrinth, and he often uses geometric patterns to create works that challenge the viewer's perception.

From painting to her first stickers, then to colorful mosaics, Maze has come a long way in her artistic journey.

#9 _9oga

Discover the imaginary universe of _9oga , where pixels meet urban landscapes.

An architecture student, _9oga weaves stories full of irony, spontaneity and personal expression through vibrant street art.

Immerse yourself in his colorful and playful creations that transform gray walls into true works of art.

#10 Kahr

Kahr is a street art artist based in Moscow, Russia, known for his mosaics inspired by solar symbols.

His work explores themes of sacred geometry and dark aesthetics, creating works that capture the viewer's imagination.


We had the opportunity to discover the work of these ten mosaic street art artists, each bringing their own unique touch to urban art. I am convinced that the next ten will still have great things and surprises in store for us...

See you soon !

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